Membership in the illustrious Bangalore City Institute (BCI) opens the door to a world of endless possibilities and boundless opportunities. As a member of BCI, individuals become part of a vibrant community driven by a shared passion for excellence, growth, and camaraderie. From access to  world-class amenities to exclusive events and networking opportunities, BCI membership is a gateway to a life enriched by personal development. It is an invitation to join hands with visionaries and thought leaders, fostering lifelong connections and embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery and achievement. In the realm of BCI, membership transcends a mere association; it becomes a lifelong affiliation with an institution that celebrates and nurtures the extraordinary potential within each and every member.

-::: Here are some types of membership category in BCI :::-

Ordinary Member
Life Member
Life Member senior
Honarary Member
LTTM Member
Associate Member
Corporate member